Cecile Cubil√≥ was born in the South of France, to Spanish parents, where she was educated and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Business Management at the ESARC college before moving to the United States to pursue a filmmaking career.  She speaks fluent English, French and Spanish. 

She started performing on stage at the age of 7 and fell in love with acting. With the help of renowned acting coaches (Lesly Kahn, Margie Haber) she has proactively been working in the entertainment industry for over 13 years. Her recent acting credits include WESTWORLD, TRUTH BE TOLD and NCIS. Although she mostly portrays strong female characters on screen, comedy is actually one of her strongest suits; she is currently furthering her improv skills at UCB.

On the quest of her lifetime goal of making impactful movies, Cecile produced her first short film in 2014 and has since worked as a Producer, UPM and Line Producer under the umbrella of her production company RATED ELLE PRODUCTIONS. Her newest feature film GOD SAVE THE QUEENS, an LGBTQ+ dramedy centered around Drag Queens, premiered at the 2022 TRIBECA Film Festival. Her first feature BREAKING & EXITING, was released theatrically in 2018. LEARN MORE.

Simultaneously, she has been working as a professional Stunt Driver (cars and motorcycles) since 2014 on TV shows such as WESTWORLD and 911 LONE STAR and car commercials for AUDI and LEXUS. LEARN MORE.

  • She stopped believing in Santa the day he stole her pacifier at the age of-- well, too old.
  • She wore braces for 4 blissful years.
  • She was the youngest (and lamest) kid under the age of 55 to be taking Tango classes.
  • She got suspended for 3 days for kicking her high school bully in the ding-ding with steel toe Dr. Martens, which she bought for the occasion.
  • She was the lead singer of a rock band in high school (post-braces). 
  • She has a bionic wrist from a motorcycle racing crash.
  • She choked herself at her first TV audition. She survived it and got the part.
  • She accidentally kissed Ewan McGregor on the lips while attempting to greet him "the European way" and showed no remorse for it.
  • She's yet to meet anyone who can do a better Daniel Craig Pout impression than she can.
  • She is plant based, a strong advocate of animal welfare and fluent in baby talk.



  • Lesly Kahn - Comedy / Audition technique
  • UCB - Improv
  • Margie Haber - Audition Technique
  • Ivana Chubbuck - Scene Study with
  • Risa Bramon Garcia - Audition technique with
  • Brian Reise - Cold Reading
  • Julie Adams -Voice Coach
  • Jessica Drake - Dialect Coach
  • Sam Christensen - The Image Process
  • Jonathan Slavin - Comedy coaching
  • Charles Fathy - Voice Over / Dubbing
  • Sara Mornell - Scene Study